Incomplete – Alanis M.

One day I’ll find relief

I’ll be arrived

And I’ll be a friend to my friend who know how to be friends

One day I’ll be at peace

I’ll be enlightened

And I’ll be married with children and maybe adopt

One day I will be healed

I will gather my wounds forge the end of tragic comedy

* I have been running so sweaty my whole life urgent for a finish line

I have been missing the rapture this whole time, of being forever incomplete

One day my mind will retreat

And I’ll know God

Anda I’ll be constantly one with her night, dusk and day

One day I’ll be secure

Like the woman I see on their 30th anniversaries


Ever unfolding

Ever expanding

Ever adventorous

And torturous

… but never done

One day I will speak freely

I’ll be less afraid and measured outside of my poems and lyrics and art

One day I will be faith filled

I’ll be trusting and spacious, authentic and grounded and home



Author: putrikatak

Love to write and live by writing. Like frogs, stars, rains, and the color of blue.

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