Things I LOVE…

Tonight is X’mas Eve, but I’m still working here 😦

But, I want to share this some random things I love (someway I guess i’tll bright my day, hope yours too!)

I just loooveed floral tights! I don’t have any right now, but I guess I’ll have soon 🙂

First time I saw this bag at Kate Spade’s store at the mall, I just can says “Ooh….” with my mouth wide open, haha… I just like any kind of owl on fashion item much! But, too bad I can’t afford for this cute owl bag 😦

Water globe is another thing I love so much much! I can’t remember since when, but I always like shaking this thing since my childhood. Now, I think I have more than 20, but it still not enough 😛 hehe…

I always heart on cute or pretty notebook, even though I don’t know when I’m gonna use it 😛

The last thing I thought for random things I love today is PAPER. I always enjoy the time to plays with my paper craft things, such as scrapbooking, origami, quilled, pergamano, and many more….

And now, I’ll put a SMILE on my face 🙂


Author: putrikatak

Love to write and live by writing. Like frogs, stars, rains, and the color of blue.

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