Funtastic Sunday!

Hey! Really busy this weekend (as always, ha ha…), so sorry if this post kinda late 😛 b’coz it’s about last Sunday…

I really had a great time last Sunday 🙂 Gathered with my family and friends, plus found some cute things @ the fruit shop! Here they are…

I love the front’s look of this shop.

The white bench and the grass looks great comes together. Inside, you’ll find various kind of fruit and imported food. Some of them are from East Asia, so the packaging and the food some kind unique and cute (I LOVE IT).

African Mango… They’re BIG!

This is Red Banana, I wonder what it’s taste….

This tiny cute orange called Shantang Orange. They’re (mostly) taste sweet and juicy. I can eat 1 kilos of them alone, ha ha…

The fruits above (I forgot their name) is from Australia. I think it’s kinda peach, but what I wonder is their form. Did you see it? It’s square not round.

Under, it’s some kind of orange but tinnier than Shantang Orange (I forgot their name, too). Oh, they’re looks cute 🙂

Besides fruit, I love these too…


There’s a LOT tempting ice cream there…

My friend, Rita, picked ‘fish’ ice cream. It filled with vanilla and red bean ice cream.

But, I choosed this watermelon ice cream, YUMMIEE….

How ’bout your Sunday? Hope it’s fun too… 🙂


Author: putrikatak

Love to write and live by writing. Like frogs, stars, rains, and the color of blue.

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