don’t look back

It’s 19 November 2011.

Geeezz… 2011 is almost over and I’m not even feel doing something so far. I’ve been working, working, and working and didn’t get a chance to sit back and think about my list of plans.

Another waste of new year’s resolution. No saving, no exercise, but I got the assignation (with all the drama and disappointment).

Where I’ve been so long? I wonder…

But, since then… Why being so miserable if I can fix it with the rest of time?

So, let’s make this one month and a half  (plus another one year ahead) meaningful!

Besides working out, I”m planning to eat fruit everyday in purpose of being healthy.

My plans to saving will be postponed. And next year, instead of saving I’m planning to make some investments.

I’ll be doing some make over to my bedroom. I’ll turned it into work space.

I have some plans with my career which I’m not published here yet.

I’ll scrapbooking more often, blogging regularly, cooking & eating properly, sleep well, laugh truly, smile to stranger, and live no worries 🙂

Okay, that’s the list, or can I call it an early new year’s resolutions, he he…

Btw, Happy Saturday!

Uh-oh, I love this candid picture

taken by one of my friend and edited by myself 🙂


Author: putrikatak

Love to write and live by writing. Like frogs, stars, rains, and the color of blue.

3 thoughts on “don’t look back”

  1. keduluan kakek tua! 😀

    another make over, Nelly? Oh my~ how many times you change it over and over again? hehe. and, scrapbooking seems never find a way to the end. hahaha.

    happy life, Nel. and yes, smile often, please~ :p

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